Enniscorthy Alphabetical Directory - Wexford Guide and Directory, 1885.

About “Wexford County Guide and Directory,” 1885

George Henry Bassett produced 7 Irish county directories in the 1880s: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Kilkenny, Louth, Tipperary and Wexford. Each provides useful history of the respective counties as well as lists of office holders, farmers, traders, and other residents of the individual cities, towns and villages.

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The directories are naturally an invaluable resource for those tracing family history. However, there are a few points to bear in mind.

  1. This online version of Bassett’s Wexford County Guide and Directory is designed primarily as a genealogical research tool and therefore the numerous advertisements in the original book, many full page, and quite a few illustrated, have been excluded.
  2. The text has been proofed with due care, but with large bodies of text typographical errors are inevitably bound to occur.
  3. Be aware that there were often inconsistencies in spelling surnames in the 19th century and also that many forenames are abbreviated in Bassett’s directories.

With respect to the last point, surnames which today begin with the “Mc” prefix, for example, were often formerly spelt as “M‘,”. For a list of some of the more common forename abbreviations used in the directory, see Forename Abbreviations.

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See also Enniscorthy Classified Business branches, professions, and public bodies, the County Directory (first part of book), and the Enniscorthy Sub-Post-offices. The word land after a name indicates that the person is a farmer or landowner.

Abbott, O. J., land, Templescoby

Armstrong, Samuel, Gally Ho

Barber, George, land, Clovass

Barber, Wm., land, Milehouse

Bartholomew, J. J., land, Dunsanane

Beatty, Mrs., Borodale

Beatty, Philip, land, Ballinapierce

Bishop, John, land, Templescobin

Black, Josh., land, Clohass

Blake, Wm., land, Slivenagorea

Boardman, Jacob, grocer, Market street (see advt.)

Boggan, Laurence, land, Munroe

Boland, Geo. E., Castle street

Bolger, P., land, Drumgold

Breen, James, land, Wilton

BREEN, JOHN, bakery, etc., Shannon (see advt.)

Breen, John, land, Coolgarrow

Breen, P., draper, Slaney st (see advt.)

Breen, Peter, land, Garrymile

Brennan, Greg., land, Duffry street

Brennan, J. D., ast. clk., Union

Brien, James, land, Dunanore

Brien, T., land, Ballywilliamroe

Brien, Wm., land, Slievenagorea

Broe, J., provisions, Slaney st

Browne, James, land, Kiltrea

Browne, P. J., land, Broomlands

BUTTLE BROTHERS, general merchants, Templeshannon (see descriptive)

Buttle, SaM. H. & .Jn. (Buttle Bros.)

Butler, R., provisions, Irish street

Carney, Jos., land, Kilcottybeg

Carr, Pat, land, Monglass

Carty, Peter, land, Toome

Casey, P. W., auctioneer, etc., George street (see advt.)

Cleary, Anthony, land, Glenbryan

Cliffe, Anthony J. (J.P.) Bellevue

Clifford, T., carpenter, New street

Clinch, Myles, land, Cooladine

Cloney, D., land, Ballymoattybeg

Cloney, Thomas, land, Kiltrea

Clooney, Wm., land, Coolgarrow

Coady, P., land, Monart

Codd, Marks, land, Woodlands

Codd, Marks, jun., Woodlands

Coleman, J., land, Monart east

Connell, Jere., land, Brownswood

Connors, P., land, Creefogue

Connors, Pr., land, Ballinamodagh

Cookman, N. N. (D.L.), Bessmount house

Cookman, W. (J.P.), Kiltrea lodge

Copeland, E., land, Aughnagally

Copeland, John, land, Aughnagally

Cook, Francis, Johnville

Cosgrave, Daniel, land, Ballysilla

Cosgrave, Jere., land, Ballysillagh

Cosgrave, P., dairy, St. John st

Cowman, John, Monglass

Cowman, Patrick, land, Monglass

Crane, W., land, Pullenstown

Crowley, John, land, Coolgarrow

Crozier, Geo, land, Blackstoops

Crozier, Samuel, land, Blackstoops

CULLIN, JOHN, butter mercht.,Templeshannon (see card)

Cummins, James, land Kilpierce

Daly, M., land, Templescoby

Daly, P., land, Templescoby

Darcy, John, land, Coolgarrow

DAVIS BROTHERS, flour millers; office, Abbey square (see descriptive)

Davis, Francis, sen. (Davis Bros.) Hollymount

Davis, Francis, jun. (Davis Bros.), Memfin

DAVIS, S. and A. G., flour millers; office, Mill park road (see descriptive)

Davis, Abraham G. (S. & A. G. Davis), Fairfield

Davis, F. W. (S. & A. G Davis), St. John’s

DAVIS, SAMUEL and SONS, tea merchants, etc., Mill park road (see descriptive)

Davis, Albert S. (S. Davis & Sons), Manor house

Deathe, John, land, The Moyne

Deathe, John, land, Clonhaston

DEMPSEY, GARRET, general merchant, Templeshannon (see advt.)

Dempsey, Stephen, Cooladine

Devereux, Wm., land, St. John’s

Donohoe, James, land, Craine

DONOHOE, J., mineral water manufacturer, Templeshannon (see descriptive)

Donnolly, T., land, Ballymurry

Doran, John, land, Garrymile

Doran, Mathew, land, Ballybrannis

Doran, Mat., jun., Ballybrannis

Doran, Patrick, land, Mondaniel

DOWNES, JOHN, draper, &c., Market square (see advt.)

Doyle, Ed., land, Ballycourseybeg

Doyle, E., jun., land, Marley

Doyle, John, land, Ballyminane

Doyle, John, land, Woodlands

Doyle, L. (Q.C.), Ballynabarney ho

DOYLE, LAURENCE, grocer, &c., Market sq (see advt.)

Doyle, M., land, Ballynaminnan

Doyle, Morgan, land, Kiltrea

Doyle, P., land, Ballywilliamroe

Doyle, P., land, Ballynamuddagh

Doyle, P., land, Marshalstown

Doyle, P., land, Templescoby

Doyle, P., land, Cooladine

Doyle, P., land, Kilcottybeg

Eden, W. G. (J.P.), Merton

Ennis, John, land, Corbally

Elderkin, Thos., mill manager, Kilcarbery cottage

Farrell, W., land, Brownswood

Fitzgerald, G. J. S., bank cashier, George street

Fitzpatrick, Patrick, general merchant, George street (see advt.)

Fleming, W., bank clerk, New st

Flynn, John, land, Riversdale

Flynn, L., land, Coolnahorna

Flynn, Maurice, land, Caim

Flynn, Stephen, land, Coolnahorna

Foley, John, land, Craan

Foley, P., land, Ballynamudagh

Foley, Patrick, land, Monglass

Fortune, W., land, Coolnahorna

Furlong, J., land, Templescoby

Furlong, J., jun., land, Jamestown

Gahan, Arthur, land, Oulartleigh

Gahan, John, land, Clonhasten

Gainfort, Wm., land, Caim

Gainfort, Wm., land, Monglass

Gallaher, J., road contractor, Mile-house

Gallaher, J., land, Templescoby

Gethings, T., land, Solsborough

Giles, J. D. (Davis Bros.), Slaney pl

Godfrey, Francis, stationer, &c., Market square (see. advt.)

Goff, B., land, Coolnahorna

Goff, Edward, grocer, &c., George street (see advt.)

Goff, John, land, Kilcannon

Gordon, Jno., land, Knockmarshall

Godon,[Gordon?] S. P., accountant Provincial Bank, Spring hill

Griffiths, Geo., editor Watchman, Slaney place

GREENE, J. N., general merchant, George st (see advt.)

Grey, G., land, Ballycourseymore

Harpur, T., land, Brownswood

Harris, Ed., land, Brownswood

HARRIS, RICHARD B., flour merchant, &c., Castle hill. Res—River View ho (see advt.)

Harris, Fred J. (R. B. Harris)

Hassey, John, land, Toberona

Hatton, Rev. H. W. (I.C.), Monart Glebe

Hayes, M., land, Asquinton

Hennessy, J., land, Kilcanedan

Herron, N., land, Glenbryan

Hill, R. J., land, Urrinsfort

HOPE, FRANCIS, flour store, Market street (see advt.)

Hore, Ed., land, Moyne middle

HUMPHREYS, B. T., flour stores, Bridge (see advt.)

Jackson, J. R., bank act., Church st

Jordan, M., grocer, &c., Market square (see advt.)

KAVANAGH, JOHN, iron founder, &c., George st (see advt.)

Kavanagh, Marks, land, Borelia

KEARNS and NOLAN, drapers, & c., Market square (see advt.)

Kearns, Dan P. (Kearns & Nolan)

Kearns, Edward, land, Brownswood

Keating, Ed., land, Coolnahorna

Kehoe, Andrew, land, Clohass

Kehoe, P., land, Ballinapierce

Kehoe, Thomas, land, Munroe

Kelly, P., land, Ballinamoddagh

Kennedy, E., land, Ballycourseybeg

KENNEDY, JOSEPH, general merchant, Irish street (see advt.)

Kenny, Myles, land, Moyne up

Kenny, Patrick, land, Dunanore

Keogh, John, land, Slievenagorea

Keohler, D., clk., Union, Prospect house

King, Albert, land, Kilbride

Kinsella, P., land, Knockmarshall

Lacy, Aidan, painter, etc., St. John’s street (see advt.)

Lacy, S., land, Knockrath, Kyle

Lacy, W., land, Knockduff

LAFFAN, ELLEN M., stationer, etc., Mrkt. sq. (see advt)

LAMBERT, JOHN, general merchant, Market st and New st (see advt.)

Leary, Ed., land, Marshalstown

Leary, John, land, Woodlands

Leary, L., land, Greenville

Leary, Murtha, land, Ballydaw

Leary, R., land, Coolgarrow

Lee, John, land, Cooladine

LETT, GEO. H. & EDW. J., brewers, etc., Mill park brewery and mills (see descriptive)

Lett, James, Nunnery road

Lynch, James, land, Templescoby

LYNCH. MICHAEL, builder, Court street (see advt.)

McCullogh, John, brewer’s manager, Mill park road

McCullogh, Wm., practical brewer, St. John’s street

M‘Dermott, A., cabinet maker, etc., Castle hill (see. advt.)

M‘Keon, James, land, Kilmallock

Maddock, Bart., land, Carrig

Maguire, Bernard, land, Drumgold

Maguire, Brd., land, The Moyne

Maguire, W., land, Ballycourseybeg

Maguire, Wm., jun.

Malone, John, grocer, etc., Irish street (see advt.)

Martin, J., surveyor, Cherryorchard

Martin, John, land, Monyhere

Masterson, A., fancy shop, Castle st

Masterson, P., land, Tomanoul

Mernagh, J., land, Clonmore, up

Mernagh, P., land, Oulartleigh

Mernagh, Th., land, Killagoley

Moffatt, James (J.P.), Ballyhiland

Moran, Ml., watchmaker, Slaney street (see advt.)

Moone, Adam, land, Ballinaberna

Moore, James, land, Ballinapierce

Moore, James, land, Marshalstown

Morris, Fr., land, Marshalstown

Morris, John, land, Ballyorr

Mullet, A., overseer, Shannon hl

Mullett, Th., land, Caim

Mullett, Th., land, Toberona

Murphy, A., land, Ballinamodagh

Murphy, Bryan, land, Middletown

Murphy, D., land, Brownswood

Murphy, Fr., land, Ballynahallen

Murphy, Ja., land, Marshalstown

Murphy, Ja., land, Middletown

Murphy, Jer., land, Slievenagoriah

Murphy, John, land, Ballydawmore

Murphy, John, land, Ballyhogue

Murphy, John, land, Craine

MURPHY, JOHN, draper, etc., Market square (see advt.)

Murphy, Capt. Jn., Moyne cottage

Murphy, J., land, Mullaghdarrig

Murphy, Jno., comrcl. trav., Templeshannon

Murphy, M., land Baurela

Murphy, P., land, Ballymurtha

Murphy, P., land, Ballinastraw

Murphy, P., land, Glenbryan

Murphy, R., land, Ballyhoge

Murphy, T., land, Clovass

Neill, M., land, Kiltrea

Nolan, Charles, land, Marley

Nolan, Daniel, land, Solsboro

Nolan, James, land, Ballydaw

Nolan, John, land, Ballyorrill

Nolan, J., spirit dealer, Slievenagoriah

Nolan, Moses, land, Ballydaw

Nolan, P., land, Monart east

Nolan, W., land, Ballydawmore

O’Connor, J., land, Killagoley

O’Dempsey, T. J., sol., Court st

O’Farrell, Aidan J., land

O’Farrell, C. J., brewer’s clerk, Ross road

O’Neill, Patrick, grocer, etc., Market square (see advt.)

O’GORMAN, J., draper, Market square (see advt.)

O’Leary, Bernard, land, Crefoge

O’Leary, D. S., bank c., New st

O’Leary, Robert, grocer, etc., Market square (see advt.)

O’Neill, Charles, land, Clohass

Owens, R. & W., editors, News, Castle hill

Pierce, Th., land, Coolnahorna

Pounder, Th., land, Blackstoops

Power, James, land, Carrignabruse

Proctor, Th., land, Corbally

Quinsey, Adam, land, Clonmore up

Quinsey, A., land, Clonmore up

Redmond, P., land, Moyne

Redmond, W., land, Woodlands

Reilly, W. & Son, post cars, &c., Lr. Church st (see advt.)

Richardson, T. H., bank c., Castle hill

Richards, Solomon, J.P., Solsboro

Roberts, George C., estate agent, Castle street. Res—Summerhill

Roberts, Wm., grocer, Slaney st (see advt.)

Robin, Miles, land, Dunsinane

Roche, M., land, Newtown

Roche, N. E., land, Monglass

Roche, N. J., land, Monglass

Roche, P., land, Ballycourseybeg

Roche, T., land, Coolnahorna

Roche, T., land, Kiltrea

ROSS, WILLIAM & Co., drapers, &c., George st (see advt.)

Ross, Wm. (W. Ross & Co.) Res—24 New street

Royce, Wm., draper, Slaney street (see advt.)

Ryan, James, land, Monart east

Ryan, M. K, stationer, &c., Slaney street (see advt.)

Ryan, N. P, land, Cooladine

Ryan, Peter, grocer, Market street (see advt.)

Ryan, T., land, St. John’s

Ryan, A., land, Coolnahorna

Rynehart, J., land, Ballymoatty

Ryneheart, R., land, Garrantrowlan

Rudd, T., barony constable, Clonhaston

Ruttledge, C., bank cashier, Church street

Scott, Geo., land, Middletown

Scott, S., land, Middletown

Scott, T., land, Baurelia

Sheill, J., land, Brownswood

Sheill, J., land, Monart

Sinnott, Ed., land, Knockmarshall

Sinnott, John, land, Ballinastraw

Sinnott, John, land, Coolgarrow

Sinnott, T., land, Garrantrowlan

Sinnott, Wm., land, Abbey quay

Slevin, Myles, land, Caime

Sommers, J., land, Ballywilliamroe

Stafford, M., land, Ballinastraw

Stafford, N., land, Donanore

Stafford, T., land, Bridgetown

Stoneham, T., land, Ballyellin

Sullivan, P., provisions, Court st

Sunderland, J., land, Ballysilla

Sutton, Fred, land, Monart east

Swaine, D. T., land, Milehouse

Thompson, Rev. Frederick (I.C.), Edermine Glebe

Tobin, Philip, land, Asquinton

Tyrrell, Denis, land, Ballyorrell

Walkins, Henry, land, Oulartard

Walkins, R., land, Ballinaberna

Walsh, Ed., land

Walsh, L.,[?] land, Templescobin

Walsh, N., grocer, &c., Templeshannon (see advt.)

Walsh, P., land, Garrantrowlan

Warren, B., sen., land, Monart, e

Warren, J., land, Clonmore lower

Warren, Phil, land, Clonmore

Warren. Phil, land, Cooladine

WHITFORD, JOHN, grocer, &c., Templeshannon (see advt.)

Wickham, M., land, Knockmarshall

Wilkinson, John, land

Williams, R., land, Ballinabarna

Williamson, R., land, Ballyhoge

Whelan, J., land, Marshalstown

Whelan, T., land, Ballyelland

YATES, JOHN F., coal merchant, &c., Templeshannon quay (see advt.)

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