Redmond Caron

Caron, Redmond, a writer, was born in the County of Westmeath, near Athlone, about 1605. When sixteen he entered the Order of St. Francis. Eventually he retired to the Continent, and studied at Saltzburg, and at Louvain, where he occupied the chair of theology. After some time he returned to Ireland as "Commissary-General of the Recollects." He sided with the Anglo-Catholic party, writing in favour of, and promoting the "Loyal Remonstrance." At one time, between the different factions, he would probably have lost his life but for the intervention of Lord Castlehaven; and during Cromwell's Irish campaign he thought it safer to visit England. Caron died in Dublin, in May 1666, and was buried in St. James's Churchyard. Ware enumerates seven works in Latin from his pen, and says: "He was esteemed a very pious and learned man, and of honest and loyal principles."


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