Kerry County and Borough Directory, 1862

From Thom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862.

KERRY, a maritime county in Munster province. Boundaries: N., the estuary of the Shannon, E., Limerick and Cork, S., Cork, and Kenmare estuary, W., the Atlantic Ocean. Greatest length, N and S, 60 miles; greatest breadth E and W., 58 miles, comprising an area of 1,853 square miles, or 1,186,126 acres, of which 414,614 are arable, 726,775 uncultivated, 11,169 in plantations, 807 in towns, and 32,761 under water. The principal bays along the coast are Tralee, Brandon, Smerwick, Dingle, Ballinskellig, and Kenmare estuary. The principal islands are Valentia, population 2,920, the Blasquets, and the Skellig rocks, on one of which there is a Lighthouse showing 2 fixed lights. The face of the country is formed of mountain ranges, intersected by deep valleys, with some level ground. The summit of Carran Tual, the highest mountain in Ireland, is 3,410 feet above high sea level. The lakes of Killarney are small, but peculiarly picturesque, and are now accessible by the Killarney Junction Railway from Mallow, on the Great Southern and Western line. The subsoil is slate and red sandstone, with limestone in the low districts. Iron ore abounds; copper and lead ores are found in many places, and mines are worked near Kenmare and Tralee. The coal veins of Duhallow run into the north eastern part of the county. Slate of a superior kind, and flag-stone are raised in great quantities at Valentia. The population in 1841 was 293,880; 269,406 in the rural, and 24,474 in the civic district; and in 1861 the total population of the county was 201,988, being a decrease of 91,892. The occupations are dairy farming, tillage, and fishing; the chief crops, potatoes, oats, and turnips.

The county is divided into 8 baronies--Clanmaurice, Corkaguiny, Dunkerron, Glenarought, Iraghticonnor, Iveragh, Magunihy, and Trughanacmy, and contains 87 parishes. The principal towns are Tralee, population in 1861, 10,191; Killarney, 5,187; Dingle, 2,251; Listowel, 2,273; Cahirciveen, 1,808; and Castle Island, 1,702. The county is in the dioceses of Ardfert and Aghadoe: it returns 3 members to Parliament--2 for the county, constituency, in 1859, 5,278; and 1 for Tralee borough, constituency, 244. It is in the Munster circuit. The Assizes are held in Tralee. The county is within the military district of Cork; there is a Barrack station at Tralee.

The net annual value of property in the county, under the Tenement Valuation Act, is £272,040.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum.
‡Col. the Right Hon HENRY ARTHUR HERBERT, M.P. (1853), Colonel of the Kerry Militia, Muckruss Abbey, Killarney; 3, Grosvenor Crescent, Belgrave sq., London, S. W.; Travellers' and White's Clubs, London, S. W.

High Sheriff (1861-62).
JOHN FERMOR GODFREY, esq, Kilcoleman Abbey, Milltown.

Members of Parliament for the County.
Col. the Right Hon. HENRY ARTHUR HERBERT (1847), Muckruss Abbey, Killarney; 3, Grosvenor Crescent, Belgrave square, London, S. W.
The Rt. Hon. Viscount CASTLEROSSE (1852), D. L., Killarney House, Killarney; 53, Eaton-place, London, S.W.; Brooks's, Travellers', and White's Clubs, S. W.

Deputy Lieutenants.
‡Bernard, J. Morrough, Shegheree Killarney
‡Blacker, St John T., Tullahennel, Ballylongford; Kildare street Club, Dublin
Butler, James, Waterville, Cahirciveen
‡Castlerosse, Right Hon. Viscount, P.C., M.P., Vice-Chamberlain of H. M. Household, Killarney House, Killarney; 53, Eaton place, London, S. W.; Brooks's, Travellers', and White's Clubs, S. W.
*†‡Chute, Richard, M. A. (T. C. D.), Chute Hall, Tralee
Crosbie, Major James, Ballyheigue Castle, Ballyheigue; Kildare st Club, Dublin; Union Club, London, S. W.
*‡Crosbie, William Talbot, Ardfert Abbey, Ardfert
*De Moleyns, Lt.-Cl. Hon. D. B., Burnham House, Dingle
‡Denny, William, Tralee
*‡Fitzgerald, Peter, The Knight of Kerry, Glanlearn, Valentia; Union Club, London, S. W.
Godfrey, John Fermor, Kilcoleman Abbey, Milltown
*‡Mahony, Richard, B. A. (Oxon), Dromore Castle, Kenmare
‡M'GiIlycuddy of the Reeks, The, Whitefield, Killarney
*† O'Connell, Maurice James, Lakeview, Killarney
‡Sandes, Thomas, Sallowglen, Tarbert
*Stoughton, Thomas Anthony, Ballyhorgan, Tralee; Owlpen Park, Dursley, Gloucestershire; Arthur's Club, London, S.W.

Chairman of Quarter Sessions.
CHRISTOPHER COPINGER, esq., Q.C. (1842), Abbeyview, Dalkey; Chambers, 2, Lower Abbey-street, Dublin.

Barry, James, M. D., Cahirciveen
*Bateman, John, Croydon, Surrey; Carlton Club, London, S. W.
‡Bernard, J. Morrough, D. L., Shegheree, Killarney
‡Blacker, St John T., D. L., Tullahinel, Ballylongford; Elm Park, Killylea; Kildare street Club, Dublin
*Bland, Francis Christopher, Plymouth
‡Bland, James Franklin, Clonakilty
Blennerhassett, Sir Rowland, Churchtown, Killarney
Bowen, Robert
Browne, George R., Listowel
Butler, James, D. L., Waterville, Cahirciveen
Butler, James, jun., Mallow
*‡Castlerosse, Right Hon. Viscount, M. P., D. L., Vice-Chamberlain of H. M. Household, Killarney House, Killarney; 53, Eaton place, London, S. W., Brooks's, Travellers', and White's Clubs, S. W.
Chute, Pierce, Ballyroe, Tralee
*†‡Chute, Richard, M. A. (T. C. D.), D. L., Chute Hall, Tralee
‡Collis, Stephen Edward, Tieraclea House, Tarbert
Colthurst, Sir George C., bart, Ardrum, Inniscarra, Cork
†‡Coltsmann, Daniel Cronin, Flesk Castle, Killarney
Conyers, Charles, Annadale, Killorglin
Cronin, John Louis (Res. Mag.), Mullingar
Crosbie, Major James, D. L., Ballyheigue Castle, Ballyheigue; Kildare street Club, Dublin; Union Club, London, S. W.
*‡Crosbie, Wm, Talbot, D. L., Ardfert Abbey, Ardfert
Cruise, J. D. (Res. Mag.) Killarney
Day, Rev. Fitzgerald, Edenburne House, Castleisland
*De Moleyns, Lieut.-Colonel Hon. Dayrolles B., D. L., Burnham House, Dingle
De Moleyns, Rev. William, Killorglin
De Moleyns, Thomas, Hillville, Castlegregory
Dennis, Meade Caulfield, M. A. (T. C. D.), Dromin, Ballybunion, Listowel
‡Denny, William, D. L., Tralee
†Donovan, Nicholas, Square, Tralee
Donovan, Patrick, Tralee
Dunraven, Right Hon. the Earl of, Adare Manor, Adare, co. Limerick; Dunraven Castle, Glamorganshire; Athenaeum Club, London, S. W.
Eagar, Eusebius M'Gillicuddy, Killorglin
Elliott, Alexander, Garryantanvalla, Listowel
Fitzgerald, John Francis, Caneh, Cahirciveen
*‡Fitzgerald, Peter, D. L., The Knight of Kerry, Glanlearn, Valentia; Union Club, London, S. W.
Fitzgerald, Stephen Edward, Valentia
Foster, William Vesey Leslie, Moyvane, Listowel
*‡Galwey, Thomas, Killarney
Godfrey, James George, Milltown
Godfrey, John F., D. L., Kilcoleman Abbey, Milltown
†‡Godfrey, Sir William Duncan, bart, Kilcoleman Abbey, Milltown
Gun, George, Plover Hill, Tralee
*†‡Gun, Wilson, Causeway, Tralee; Union Club, London, S. W.
Harnett Daniel Creigh, Shannon Lawn, Glin
Hart, Mahony, Ballard, Tralee
*Hickie, Wm. Creagh, Kilelton House, Ballylongford; Stephen's green Club, Dublin
Hickson, Richard Mahony, Dingle
*Hickson, Robert Conway, Fermoyle, Castlegregory
Hickson, William Godfrey, Redcliffe, Annascaul
Hilliard, George, Tralee
Hilliard, William, Coole Lodge, Tralee
‡Home, Major Jas. Murray, Gurtenard House, Listowel
Hurly, John, Tralee
†Hurly, Robert Conway, Glenduffe, Tralee
*Hussey, Edward, Dingle
Hussey, Samuel Murray, Cloghroe House, Inniscarra, co. Cork
Hyde, Frederick, Hollywood Cottage, Sneem
Julian, Samuel, B. A. (Oxon), Jersey Villa, Cheltenham
Kitchener, Lt.-Col. Henry Horatio, Crotto, Kilflynn
*‡Lawler, Denis Shine, Grenagh, Killarney
Lawlor, Martin, Killarney
Leahy, Daniel Francis, Maryville, St. Lukes, Cork; County Club, Cork
‡Leahy, Henry, Flesk, Killarney
‡Leahy John, Chairman of the Quarter Sessions, County Louth, South-hill, Killarney; 22, Upper Fitzwilliam-street, Dublin
Leslie, Robert, Tarbert House, Tarbert
Leyne, Rich., 3, Belgrave sq., West, Rathmines, Dublin
Listowel, Right Hon. the Earl of Convanmore, Mallow
M'Carthy, Daniel, Headfort, Killarney
M'Carthy, Timotheus, M.D., Kenmare
†M'Gillicuddy, Daniel De Courcy, Tralee
‡M'Gillycuddy of the Reeks, The, D. L., Whitefield, Killarney
*‡Mahony, Daniel, Dunloe Castle, Killarney
Mahony, Kean, Cullina, Killarney
Mahony, John, Tubrid, Kenmare
*‡Mahony, Richard, B. A. (Oxon), D. L., Dromore Castle, Kenmare
Marshall, Richard John, Cullinafercy, Milltown
Mayberry, George, M. D., Riveradale, Kenmare
Morphy, Richard, Killarney
Moynihan, Daniel James, Killarney
O'Connell, Charles, R. M., Galway
*‡O'Connell, Daniel, Darrynane Abbey, Westcove, Kenmare
‡O'Connell, James, Lakeview, Killarney
*†O'Connell, Maurice James, D. L., Lakeview, Killarney
O'Connell, Morgan John, Grena, Killarney; Reform Club, London, S. W.
O'Connor, Gerard, Tralee
O'Donoghue, Daniel, M. P., (The O'Donoghue), Derryquin Castle, Kenmare; Stafford Club, London, W.
‡O'Leary, John McCarthy, Coomlagane, Millstreet
O'Sullivan, Eugene, Westcove, Kenmare
Orpen, Richard Hungerford, B. A. (T. C. D.), Cliffmahon, Cork
Peile, Thomas Williamson, Tullahinel, Ballylongford
Quill, Jerome, Tralee
Rae, Edward, Keel, Castlemain
Raymond, Samuel Stephen, Coolard, Listowel
Rice, Justice Dominick, Bushmount, Causeway, Tralee
Sandes, Charles L., Carrigafoye House, Ballylongford; Bellegrove, Clontarf, co. Dublin
†Sandes, Maurice Fitzgerald, B.A. (T. C. D.), Oak Park, Tralee; University Club, Dublin
‡Sandes, Thomas, D. L., Sallowglen, Tarbert
*Sandes, William, B. A. (T. C. D.), Pyrmount, Tarbert
Sandes, William Gough, Greenville, Listowel
Sealy, John, Mologhmarky, Castleisland
Segrave, Capt Thomas (Res. Mag.), Listowel
†Stokes, Major-General John Day, (Madras Infantry,) Lassinagh, Tralee
Stokes, Edward Day, Farranakilla, Dingle
Stokes, Oliver Day, Carra Craig, Killorglin, Tralee
Stoughton, Chas. William Ballynoe House, Causeway; 5, Grosvenor-place, London, S. W.; Brooks's, Arthur's, and Union Clubs, London, S. W.
*Stoughton, Thomas Anthony, D. L., Ballyhorgan, Tralee; Owlpen Park, Dursley, Gloucestershire; Arthur's Club, London, S. W.
Stoughton, Thomas Anthony, jun.
Sugrue, Charles, Fermoyle, Cahirciveen
Supple, James David, Ballyhorgan, Causeway, Tralee
Taylor, Adrian, Clontoo, Kenmare
Trench, John Townsend, Lansdowne Lodge, Kenmare
Trench, William Stuart, B. A. (T. C. D.), Lansdowne Lodge, Kenmare; Cardtown, Mountrath; Kildare-street Club, Dublin
‡Ventry, Right Hon. Lord, Burnham, Dingle
Wallis, Henry, Drishane Castle, Millstreet
Warren, John Borlase, Sillerdane Cottage, Kenmare, and Warren's Grove, Crookstown, county Cork

County Officers.
Clerk of the Crown, David Mahony, esq. (1854), 36 Fitzwilliam-street, Dublin.
Clerk of the Peace, F. Crosbie,esq. (1819), Ballyard, Tralee.
Deputy Clerk of the Peace, Richard Chute Mason, esq. Tralee.
Crown Solicitor, Alexander Morphy, esq., Killarney.
Sessional Crown Prosecutor, James Edward Connor, esq. (1861), Tralee, and 5, Middle Gardiner-st., Dublin.
Treasurer, George Day Stokes, esq., M.A. (T.C.D.), (1850), Tralee.
Secretary to the Grand Jury, Hen. M'Can, esq. (1854), Tralee.
County Surveyor, Henry Stokes, esq. (1834), Tralee.
Sub-Sheriff, William Harnett, esq., Tralee.
Sheriff's Returning Officer, William Sterne, esq., 19 Parliament-street, Dublin.
Coroners, John Roche, esq., Ballymacadam, Castleisland; John Charles O'Reardon, esq., Killarney; R. C. Hartnett, esq., Listowel.
Agents for Lloyds, Mr. Daniel Mahony, Cahirciveen; Robert Puxley, esq., Kenmare; James Butler, esq., Waterville, Cahirciveen; Mr. B. H. Hilliard, Dingle; Mr. Henry Benner, Tralee.

Head Distributer for the county, Richard Leahy, esq., Tralee.
Cahirciveen, John Fitzgerald. Castleisland, Cornelius Reidy. Dingle, Benjamin Parker. Kenmare, Joseph Mansfield. Killarney, William Connell. Killorglin, Jeffry Morris. Listowel, Edward Harnett. Tarbert, Richard Allen.

Clanmaurice, George Sandes, Listowel. Corkaguiney, Bastable Hilliard, Dingle. Dunkearon, North, Thomas M'Donagh, Killarney. Dunkearon, South, Edward Bland, Goleenacora, Sneem. Glenerough, Edward Bland, Goleenacora, Sneem. Iraghticonnor, Stephen C. Sandes, Tralee. Iveragh, Daniel Mahony, Cahirciveen. Magonihy, Thomas M'Donogh, Killarney. Trughanacmy, Charles F. Nash, Ballycarthy, Tralee.

Inspecting Officers, Lieut. Kennedy, R.N., Ballyhigue; Captain John B. Field, R. N., Dingle; James Kearney White, esq., West Cove; Lieut. Charles Hawkey, R. N., Dingle.

County Inspector, Thomas Smith, esq., Tralee.
Sub-Inspectors' Stations.
Cahirciveen, John Anketell, esq.
Castleisland, John Anketell, esq.
Dingle, William Gilpin, esq.
Kenmare, J. B. Irwin, esq.
Killarney, Wellington Colomb, esq.
Listowel, James Brereton, esq.
Tralee, John Maguire, esq.

Place where held, Day, and Name of Clerk.
Annascaul, fourth Thursday; Patrick Casey.
Ballylongford, second Monday; John Dowling.
Cahirciveen, fourth Saturday; John Perry.
Cahirdaniel, Ballybrack, Daniel Sullivan.
Castlegregory, Tralee, fourth Monday; Joseph C. Hayes.
Castleisland, second Thursday; Daniel W. O'Keeffe.
Causeway, second Monday; James Church.
Cloverfield, Kenmare, first Wednesday; Daniel Mahony.
Coolmagort, Killarney, first Tuesday; John O'Halloran.
Dingle, second Friday; Joseph C. Hayes.
Gunsborough, Ballylongford, second Friday; T. O'Connor.
Kenmare, first Monday; Daniel Mahony.
Killarney, Tuesday; John O'Halloran.
Killlorglin, fourth Wednesday; Robert Rae.
Kilpadder, Kenmare, first Tuesday; Michael O'Leary.
Listowel, Saturday; Terence O'Connor.
Milltown, first Wednesday; A. Huggard.
O'Dorney, Tralee, fourth Friday; James Church.
Portmagee, Cahirciveen, fourth Monday; Timothy Foley.
Sneem, first Tuesday; David Vaughan.
Tarbert, second Tuesday; Blennerhasset G. Lindsay.
Tralee, Wednesday; Francis M'Carthy.
Valentia, fourth Tuesday; Michael Sullivan.
Waterville, Cahirciveen, fourth Friday; Robert Reilly.

The Board of Superintendence meets last Thursday in each month.
Local Inspector, Rev. Anthony Denny.
Governor, Mr. Martin Crean.
Clerk, Robert Harris.
Chaplain, Rev. Anthony Denny.
R. C. Chaplain, Rev. John Mawe.
Physician and Surgeon, Francis Crumpe, esq.
Apothecary, Mr. Michael Lawlor.

Cahirciveen, Michael Clifford.
Castleisland, D. W. O'Keeffe.
Dingle, Maurice Fenahan.
Kenmare, T. O'Sullivan.
Killarney, Daniel Cronin.
Listowel, Edward Cain.
Milltown, Henry Godfrey.
Tarbert, John Hennessy.

Resident Physician and Superintdt. M. Shine Lalor, M. D.
Visiting Physician, W. W. Murphy, M. D.
Matron, M. A. Falvey.
- Established Church, Rev. Francis Le Hunte.
- Roman Catholic, Rev. A. Griffin.
Apothecary, R. Linnegar.
Clerk and Storekeeper, J. Wallace.

Treasurer, Rev. A. B. Rowan.
Surgeon, Francis Crumpe, M. D.

Poor law Unions.

CAHIRCIVEEN UNION (Co. Kerry), 22 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Thursdays.
Chairman, J. F. Fitzgerald, esq., Kineigh, Cahirciveen.
Vice-Chairman, Daniel Mahony, esq., Cahirciveen.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, Danl. M'Carthy,esq., Cahirciveen.
Treasurer, National Bank, Tralee.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Daniel O'Connell.
Master and Matron, Michael Foley and Mary F. Lyne.
Chaplain, Roman Catholic, Rev. John Healy, P.P.
Medical Officer, Maurice Spottiswood.
Relieving Officers, Charles Connell, Cahirciveen; Daniel Sullivan, Derrynane, Cahireiveen.

Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts
Caher, Maurice Spottiswood, M.R.C.S.E.
Derrynane, Jeremiah J. O'Connor, M.R.C.S.E.
Emlagh, Edward Barry, M.R.C.S.E.
Glenbeigh, Robert Spotswood, L.R.C.S.I.
Valentia, Thomas H. Bentley, M.R.C.S.E.

DINGLE UNION (Co. Kerry), 19 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Thursdays.
Chairman, Lieut.-Col. the Hon. D. B. De Moleyns, D.L., J.P.
Vice-Chairman, Robt. Conway Hickson, esq., J.P., Fermoyle, Castlegregory.
Dep. Vice-Chairman, Edward Hussey, esq., J.P., Dingle.
Treasurer, National Bank, Tralee.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Peter Kennedy.
Master and Matron, John Mason and Mary Grey.
- Established Church, Rev. Thomas Goodman.
- Roman Catholic, Rev. Daniel O'Sullivan, P.P.
Medical Officer, George Williams.
Apothecary, Patrick Murphy.
Relieving Officers, Daniel M'Kenna, Dingle; John Pierse, Dingle.

Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Annascaul, Patrick O'Keane, M.D.
Castlegregory, John W. Busteed, L.R.C.S.I.
Dingle, George Williams, M.D.

KENMARE UNION (Co. Kerry), 16 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Fridays.
Chairman, William Stuart Trench, esq., Lansdowne Lodge, Kenmare.
Vice-Chairman, F. C. Bland, esq., Derryquin Castle, Sneem.
Deputy Vice-Chair., Ed. Godfrey, esq., Killowen, Kenmare.
Treasurer, National Bank, Killarney.
Clerk and Returning Officer, George Woodhouse.
Master and Matron, Daniel Sullivan and Alicia Downing.
Chaplain, Roman Catholic, Very Rev. John O'Sullivan.
Medical Officer, George M. Mayberry, M.D.
Relieving Officers, Laurence Egan, Kenmare; Thos. H. Fuller, Sneem.

Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Kenmare, Timotheus M'Carthy, M.D.
Kilgarvan, Adrian Taylor, M.D.
Sneem, George H. Doran, M.R.C.S.E.
Tuosist, George M. Mayberry, M.D.

KILLARNEY UNION (Co. Kerry), 31 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Tuesdays.
Chairman, Daniel Cronin Coltsmann, esq., Flesk Castle, Killarney.
Vice-Chairman, John Charles O'Reardon, esq., Gortroe, Killarney.
Deputy Vice- Chairman, Cornelius Murphy, esq., Milltown.
Treasurer, National Bank, Killarney.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Daniel Moynihan.
Master & Matron, Edm. MacSweeny and Bidilia Lambert.
- Established Church, Rev. Francis Le Hunte.
- Roman Catholic, Rev. William Horgan.
Medical Officer, Walter W. Murphy, M.D.
Relieving Officers, John D. Sullivan, Killarney; James Coffey, Killorglin.

Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Coom, John O'Halloran, M.D.
- Walter W. Murphy, M.D.
- Laurence T. Griffin, M.D.
Killorglin, Thomas Sugrue, M.D.
Molahiffe, Robert Twiss, M.D.
Milltown, John Murphy, M.D.

LISTOWEL UNION (Co. Kerry), 32 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets every alternate Thursday.
Chairman, George Sandes, esq., Listowel
Vice-Chairman, Richard Creagh Harnett, esq., Listowel
Deputy Vice-Chairman, George R. Browne, esq., Listowel.
Treasurer, National Bank, Listowel.
Clerk and Returning Officer, John M'Carthy
Master and Matron, James Horgan, and Mary Anne Horgan.
- Established Church, * * *
- Roman Catholic, Rev. M. J. M'Donnell, P.P.
Medical Officers, Gabriel Thorp, M.D., John G. Church.
Relieving Officer, Garrett Fitzmaurice, Listowel.

Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Ballyduff, Daniel Flynn, M.D.
Ballylongford, Edward Fitzmaurice, M.D.
Listowel, Jer. Loughnane, M.D.; Chas. R. Cooper, apothecary.

TRALEE UNION (Co. Kerry), 39 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Tuesdays.
Chairman, John Sealy, esq., Molloghmarkey, Castleisland.
Vice-Chairman, Robert Conway Hurly, esq. Tralee.
Dep. Vice-Chairman, Edward Rae, esq., Keel, Castlemain.
Treasurer, National Bank, Tralee.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Thomas O'Connell.
Master & Matron, Myles Daly, and Alice Mason.
- Established Church, Rev. Anthony Denny.
- Roman Catholic, Rev. John Mawe.
Medical Officer, Wm. Alton, M.D.
Apothecary, Michael R. Reidy.
Relieving Officers, Thomas Mason, Tralee; Daniel Brosna, Castleisland; David M. Roche, Brosna, Castleisland; David R. Rice, Abbeydorney.

Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Ardfert, Ulysses Fitzmaurice, M.D.
Brosna, Richard Harold, M.D.
Castleisland, William Nolan, M.D.
Kilgobbin, John Spring, M.D.
- William H. Lawlor, M.D.
- Robert Fitzmaurice, M.D.


*  have served the office of High Sheriff of the County.
† are members of the Board of Superintendence of the County Prison.
‡ are Governors of the District Lunatic Asylum for the County.