Antrim County Directory for 1862

From Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

ANTRIM, a maritime county in Ulster province. Boundaries: N., the Atlantic Ocean; E., the Northern Channel; S., Down; and W., Lough Neagh and Londonderry. Greatest length, N. and S., 56 miles; greatest breadth, E. and W., 30 ½ miles; comprising an area of 1,104 square miles, or 745,177 acres, of which 503,288 are arable, 176,335 uncultivated, 10,358 in plantations, 1,908 in towns, and 53,288 under water, including a portion of Lough Neagh. Off the N. coast are Rathlin or Raghery Island, and the Skerries. On the Maiden Rocks, off Larne Lough, are two Lighthouses, showing fixed lights. The principal bays are Belfast Lough and Larne Lough. The subsoil is basalt or trap, forming the celebrated Giant's Causeway on the N. coast, clay-slate and limestone: there is coal at Ballycastle. There are also salt mines at Duncrue, Carrickfergus, the produce of which is of superior quality. One-third of the county is mountain, not rising more than 1,600 feet above high sea level, and declining from the sea-coast towards Lough Neagh in the S.W. The river Bann forms the W., and the Lagan the S. boundary of the county. The Lagan canal connects Lough Neagh with Belfast Lough. Bogs are large and numerous. The staple commodity of this county is the spinning of linen and cotton yarn, and linen and cotton weaving, in which the bulk of the population are engaged. The population in 1841 was 276,188, of which 256,352 was in the rural, and 19,836 in the civic district, exclusive of the towns of Belfast and Carrickfergus, and in 1861 the total population of the county was 366,656.

The county is divided into 14 baronies--Antrim Lower and Upper, Belfast Lower and Upper, Cary, Dunluce Lower and Upper, Glenarm Lower and Upper, Kilconway, Massareene Lower and Upper, Toome Lower and Upper, and contains 75 parishes and parts of parishes. It is in the diocese of Connor. The principal towns are, Belfast, including the suburb of Ballymacarrett, population in 1841, 75,308, in 1861, 119,242; Carrickfergus in 1861, 4,011; Larne, 2,768; Ballymena, 6,739; Antrim, 2,131; Lisburn, a small portion of which is in Down county, 7,484; Ballycastle, 1,625; Ballymoney, 2,599; and Legoneil, 1,966. The county returns 6 members to Parliament, 2 for the county at large, constituency in 1859, 5,805; 2 for Belfast borough, constituency, 3,303; and 1 for each of the boroughs of Carrickfergus and Lisburn, constituencies, 1,243 and 314. The county is in the North-Eastern circuit. The Assizes are held at Belfast. The county is in the Dublin or northern military district; and there are Barracks in Belfast and Carrickfergus.

The net annual value of property rated to the poor in the county, is £702,917. The amount of property valued under the Tenement Valuation Act is £474,362.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum.

The Most Hon. the Marquess of DONEGAL, K.P., G.C.H , P.C., F.R.S. , (1841), Ormeau, Belfast; Harefield-place, Uxbridge, Middlesex; 22, Grosvenor-square, London, W.

High Sheriff (1861-62.)
HENRY HUTCHINSON H. O'HARA, esq., Marlow Lodge, Ballymena.

Members of Parliament for the County.
Lieut.-Col. THOMAS HENRY PAKENHAM (1855), Langford Lodge, Crumlin; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Major-General the Hon. GEORGE FREDERICK UPTON, C.B. (1859), Castle Upton, in this county; 27, George-street, Hanover-square, London, W.; United Service Club, London, S.W.

Deputy Lieutenants.
Adair, Colonel Robert Alexander Shafto, F.R.S., Suffolk Artillery, Aide-de-Camp to the Queen, Farm Lodge, Ballymena; Audley-square, London. *
Blayney, Right Hon. Lord, Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Chichester, Lord John, Chichester Lodge, Belfast; 8, St. George's-place, London, W.
Crommelin, Nicholas Delacherois, Newtown Crommelin, Cloughran; Carrowdore Castle, co. Down; Cushendun, co. Antrim. *
Dobbs, Conway Richard, Castle Dobbs, Carrickfergus *
Dunbar, George, Woburn, Donaghadee
Ferguson, John Francis, Belfast
Grimshaw, Robert, Whitehouse, Belfast *
Legge, Wm. Wallace, LL.B (Cantab.), Malone House, Belfast
Leslie, James Edmund, Leslie Hill, Ballymoney *
M'Garel, Chailes, Magheramourne House, Larne
M'Gildowny, John, Clare Park, Ballycastle
Macartney, Geo., B. A. (T.C D.), Lissanore Castle, Ballymoney; Lowther Lodge, Balbriggan; Sackville-st. Club, Dublin; Carlton and National Clubs, London, S.W. *
Macnaghten, Sir Edmund Charles Workman, bart., B.A. (T.C.D.), Dundarave, Bushmills; 18, Eaton square, London, S W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Magennis, Richard W., Harrold Hall, Bedfordshire
Massereene and Ferrard, Right Hon. the Viscount, K.ST.P., Colonel of the Antrim Artillery, Antrim Castle, Antrim; Oriel Temple, co. Louth; Athenaeum Club, London, S.W.
Montagu, Lord Robert, M.A. (Cantab.), M.P., Portstewart, co. Londonderry; Carlton Club, London S.W. *
Montgomery, John, M.A. (T.C. D.), Benvarden, Ballymoney; Ulster Club, Belfast; Conservative Club, London, S.W.
Mulholland, Andrew, Springvale, Ballywalter *
Moore, James, Stewart, Ballydivitty, Dervock *
Tennent, Robert James, Belfast; Reform Club London, S.W.
Verner, Capt. Thos , Belfast; Carlton Club, London S.W.

Chairman of Quarter Sessions.
JOHN HASTINGS OTWAY, esq. (1858), 86, Lower Leeson-street, Dublin.

Adair, Colonel Robert Alexander Shafto, F.R.S. , D.L., Suffolk Artillery, Aide-de-Camp to the Queen, Farm Lodge, Ballymena; Audley-square, London, W. *
Agnew, James, Larne
Agnew, William, Kilwaughter Castle, Larne
Allen, William John Campbell, Belfast
Antrim, Right Hon. the Earl of, Comm. R.N., Glenarm Castle
Armstrong, James William Barbour, William, Hilden, Lisburn
Bennett, Thomas, Coleraine
Birnie, Thomas Mercer, Carrickfergus
Bland, Rev. Robert Wintringham, M.A. (T.C.D.), Abbeyville, Belfast; University Club, Dublin
Boyd, Major Francis Turnly, Ballycastle
Boyd, John, D.C.L., M.P., Dundoan House, Coleraine; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Bradshaw, Hercules, Hillsborough, co. Down
Brooke, Captain Gustavus Travers, Templepatrick
Bruce, Henry Stewart Beresford, Bellaghy
Burleigh, William, Carrickfergus
Bushell, Theobald, Strandtown, Belfast
Callwell, George, Lisburn
Casement, Edmund McGildowny, Invermore, Larne
Casement, Julius, Portglenone House, Portglenone
Casement, Thomas, Balee House, Ballymena
Charley, John Stouppe, Woodburne, Dunmurry; Island of Arranmore, co. Donegal
Charley, William, Seymour hill, Dunmurry, Lisburn
Clarke, George Jackson, Steeple, Antrim
Clarke, John, College-square, Belfast
Coates, William, Glentoran, Belfast
Coey, Sir Edward, Merville, Belfast
Courtenay, James, Glenburn, Portglenone
Crommelin, Nicholas Delacherois, D.L., Newtown Crommelin, Cloughan; Carrowdore Castle, co. Down; and Cushendun, co. Antrim
Crommelin, Nicholas Delacherois, jun., Belfast
Crommelin, Samuel Arthur Hill Delacherois, Carrowdore Castle, Donaghadee
Cuppage, Adam, Glen Bank, Ballycastle
Cuppage, Edmund Floyd, Mt. Edwards, Cushendall
Currel, John, sen., Belfast
Dalway, Marriott Robert, Bellahill, Carrickfergus
Davison, Alexander, Knockboy, Ballymena
Dobbs, Conway Rich., D.L., Castle Dobbs, Carrickfergus
Dobbs, Richard Conway, Cushendun
Douglas, Charles, Dervock
Downshire, Most Hon. the Marquess of, K.P., Hillsborough, co. Down; Easthampstead Park, Wokingham, Berks; 24, Belgrave-square, London, S W.
Dunbar, George, D.L., Woburn, Donaghadee
Dungannon, Right Hon. the Viscount, MA. (Oxon), F.S.A., Brynkinalt Castle, Chirk, Denbighshire; 3, Grafton-st., London, W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Dunville, William, Richmond Lodge, Belfast
Fenton, Samuel G., Belfast
Ferguson, John Francis, D.L., Belfast
Filgate, Fitz-Herbert, Hillsborough
Fulton, John Williamson, M.A. (Cantab.), Braidujle, Lisburn; Ulster Club, Belfast; Oxford and Cambridge Club London, S.W.
Gage, Rev. Robert, M.A. (T.C.D.), Rathlin Island, Ballycastle
Getty, Samuel Gibson, M.P., 8, Eccleston-square, London, S W.
Gihon, William, Hillhead, Ballymena
Giveen, Butler Mildmay, Rock Castle, Portstewart; Junior United Service Club, London, S.W.
Gordon, Robert Francis, Holymount, Downpatrick
Gray, George, Graymount, Belfast *
Greg, Thomas, Ballymenoch, Holywood, co. Down *
Gregg, William, Lisburn
Grimshaw, Robert, D.L., Whitehouse, Belfast *
Hamilton, Hill, Mount Vernon, Belfast Hancock, John, Lurgan
Handcock, Hon. George, 30, Merrion-square, Dublin
Hannay, Edmund Alexander, Ballylough, Bushmills
Hartwell, John Broderick, Glenmona lodge, Cushendall
Henry, Fred. Hugh, Lodge Park, Straffan, co. Kildare
Heyland, Langford, Glendarragh, Crumlin
Higginson, Hen. Theophilus, M.A. (T.C.D.), Registrar of the Diocese of Down and Connor, Carnalea House, Crawfordsburn; Ulster Club, Belfast
Higginson, John O'Neill, Springmount, Ballymena
Hill, John, Bellaghy
Hunt, Charles (Res. Mag.), Ballymena
Hutchinson, Thomas Lecky, Portrush
Hutchinson, Wm. Ford, Stranocum House, Ballymoney
Johnson, Sir William Gillilan, M.A. (T.C.D.), Duncairn House, Belfast
Johnstone, George Birch, Glynn, Larne
Jones, Thomas Morris Hamilton, Moneyglass House, Toome; Jonesborough House, Flurry Bridge; Sackville-street Club, Dublin *
Kennedy, James, Belfast
Lecky, Hugh, Beardiville, Coleraine
Legge, William Wallace, LL.B. (Cantab ), D.L., Malone House, Belfast
Leslie, Henry, Seaport Lodge, Bushmills
Leslie, James Edmund, D.L., Leslie Hill, Ballymoney *
Lyle, James Acheson, Knockintern, Coleraine
Lynch, David, Judge of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Court, 35, Rutland-square, West, Dublin
Lyons, William Thomas Bristow, B.A (T.C.D ), Oak park, Belfast
M'Cance, James Law, Glenville, Belfast
M'Cance, John Wellington Stouppe, Suffolk, Belfast
M'Cance, William, Belfast
M'Clintock, Major Henry Stanley, Millmount, Randalstown; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
M'Clure, Thomas, Belmont, Belfast
M'Garel. Charles, D.L., Magheramourne House, Larne *
M'Gee, William, M.D., Belfast
M'Gildowny, John, D,L., Clare Park, Ballycastle
MacKenzie, Major John Kenneth, Belfast
M'Neile, Henry Hugh, Parkmount, Belfast *
M'Neill, Edmund Alexander, Cushendun
M'Neill, Edmund, Ballycastle
Macartney, George, B.A. (T.C.D.), D.L., Lissanore Castle, Ballymoney, co. Antrim; Lowther Lodge, Balbriggan, co. Dublin; Sackville-street Club, Dublin; Carlton and National Clubs, London, S.W. *
Macnaghten, Sir Edmund Charles Workman, bart., B.A. (T.CD.), D.L., Dundarave, Bushmills; 18, Eaton-Square, London. S.W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Magennis, Richard William, D.L., Harrold Hall, Bedford
Magill, Joseph, Martlet Tower, Cave Hill, Belfast
Massereene & Ferrard, Right Hon. the Viscount, K.ST.P., D.L., Colonel of the Antrim Artillery, Antrim Castle, Antrim; Oriel Temple, co. Louth; Athenaeum Club, London, S.W.
Miller, Rowley, Portna House, Moneymore
Montagu, Lord Robt., M.A. (Cantab.), M.P., D.L., Portstewart, co. Londonderry; Carlton and White's Clubs, London, S.W. *
Montgomery, John, M.A (T.C.D.), D L., Benvarden, Ballymoney; Ulster Club, Belfast; Conservative Club, London, S.W.
Montgomery, Thomas, Birch Hill, Antrim
Moore, James Stewart, D.L., Ballydivitty, Dervock *
Moore, John Stewart, Moyarget Lodge, Dervock
Mulholland, Andrew, D.L., Springvale, Ballywalter *
Mulholland, John, Craigavad, Holywood, co. Down
Murney, Henry, M.D., Wellington-place, Belfast
Murray, Alexander, Drumadoan, Cloughmills
O'Hara, Charles, O'Harabrooke, Ballymoney *
O'Hara, Henry Hutchinson H., Marlow Lodge, Ballymena
O'Rorke, Ambrose, Ballybollan, Ahoghill
Owens, James, Holestone, Ballyclare
Pakenham, Rev. Arthur Hercules, M.A. (Cantab.), Langford Lodge, Crumlin
Patrick, John, Dunminning, Ballymena
Richardson, Jonathan, M.P., Lisburn
Richardson, Jonathan Joseph, Lisburn; Reform Club, London, S.W.
Richardson, William P., Portrush
Roberts, John, Collon House, Dunmurry
Robinson, Henry Jeffrey, The Castle, Portstewart; Army and Navy Club, London, S.W.
Shaw, John Mackenzie, Belfast
Sinclair, Thomas, Hopefield, Belfast
Smyth, John, Orlands, Carrickfergus
Stannus, Walter Trevor, Lisburn
Stuart, Charles George, Ballyhibbistock, Dervock
Tennent, James Thompson, Belfast *
Tennent, Robert James, D.L., Rush Park, Belfast; Reform Club, London, S.W.
Thompson, Robert, Clonard, Belfast
Thomson, Robert, Castleton, Belfast
Tracy, William Samuel (Res. Mag.) Belfast
Turnly, John, Drumnasole, Glenarm
Verner, Captain Thomas, D.L., Belfast; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Walkington, Thomas, Oatland Cottage, Ballinderry
Whitla, James, Gobrana, Glenavy
Wilson, Richard, Carnlough, Glenarm
Wray, Captain Jackson, Ashleigh, Newcastle, co. Down
Young, John, Galgorm Castle, Ballymena

County Officers.
Clerk of the Crown, Walter Bourne, esq. (1832), 71, Harcourt-street, Dublin.
Deputy Clerk of the Crown, James Kennedy Jackson, esq., Belfast.
Cleric of the Peace, George A. H. Chichester, esq. (1849), 31, Donegal-street, Belfast.
Dep. Clerk of the Peace, Wm. C. Cunningham, solicitor, 50, Waring-st., Belfast; and 103, Capel-st , Dublin.
Crown Solicitor, Maxwell Hamilton, esq. (1830); office, 34, Westland-row, Dublin
Sessional Crown Prosecutor, John Birney, esq. (1859), Lisburn.
Treasurer, Major William Verner, B.A. (T.C.D.), (1858), Belfast.
Secretary to the Grand Jury, John Coates, esq. (1821), Wellington Park, and County Court-house, Belfast.
County Surveyor, Charles Lanyon, esq., Belfast.
District Registrar, Court of Probate for Antrim and Down, John M'Connel Higginson, esq., Belfast.
Sub-Sheriff, Henry Hugh Bottomley, esq., Belfast.
Sheriff's Returning Officer, John Lawless, esq., 6, Upper Ormond-quay, Dublin.
Coroners, James Kennedy Jackson, esq., Belfast; Alex. Markham, esq., Belfast; John Jellett. esq., Ballymena; Robert Clarke, esq , Armoy, Ballymoney.
Agent for Lloyds, Robert Boyd, esq., Belfast.


Head Distributer for the county, Thomas Robert Stannus, esq., Belfast.
Antrim, Henry Taggart.
Ballycastle, Hugh White.
Ballymena, Mary Greer.
Ballymoney, A. Moore.
Belfast, Sarah Moore.
Bushmills, Samuel Steel.
Carrickfergus, Robert Hill.
Larne, Crawford & Nelson.
Lisburn, Margaret Lennon.


Antrim, upper, *    *    *
Antrim, lower, Joseph Kilpatrick, Broughshane.
Belfast, upper, Robert T. Goddard, Belfast.
Belfast, lower, Malcolm M'Neill, Larne.
Carey, Robert Clarke, Armoy, Ballymoney.
Dunluce, upper, James Thomson, Ballymoney.
Dunluce, lower, James Laughlin, Dervock.
Glenarm, upper, Robert Forbes, Larne.
Glenarm, lower, Daniel Jamison, Cushendall.
Kilconway, Richard Magenis Douglas, Dervock.
Massareene, upper, John Gregg Murray.
Massareene, lower, Wm. M'Naughten Dickey, Antrim.
Toome, upper, John Cashell, Randalstown.
Toome, lower, Frederick A. Mathews, Ballymena.


Inspecting Officers, Comm. Colin C. A. Kane, R.N., Ballycastle; Comm. William H. Jones, R.N., Carrickfergus; Commander Stephen E. Douglas, R.N., Donaghadee.
Ballygarry, Carne Castle, Lieut. Wm. Burt, R.N.
Carrickfergus, John Campbell, esq., late E.I.C.S.
Cushendall, Edward Carr, esq.
Donaghadee, Lieut. Edward J. B. Clarke, R.N. (1856).
Glenarm, Lieut. S. W. H. Thompson, R.N.
Larne, Robert B. Graham, esq., R.N.
Portmuck, Glenarm, James Harry, esq.
Whitehouse, John G. Morgan, esq. ( 1848).


County Inspector, William Williams, esq., Belfast.
Sub-Inspectors' Stations:-
Antrim, William Taylor, esq.
Ballycastle, Thomas Rodwell, esq.
Ballymena, George Dobbyn, esq.
Ballymoney, Mason Alcock, esq.
Belfast, Harris Bindon, esq.
Carrickfergus, John Willoughby Sneyd Cole, esq.
Glenarm, Joshua Bernard, esq.
Lisburn, George Forbes Fallon, esq.


Place where held, Day, and Name of Clerk.

Antrim, first Tuesday; P. R. Davies.
Ahoghill, Ballymena, third Friday; W. Raphael.
Ballycastle, second Monday; Alexander M'Allister.
Ballyclare, third Tuesday; Thomas Beggs.
Ballymena, second Monday; George Ballantine.
Ballymoney, second Monday; R. Steele.
Belfast, daily; James Searight.
Bushmills, third Friday; C. Corkadell.
Carrickfergus, for Town of, second Wednesday; Thos. Lawlor.
Carrickfergus, for District County Antrim, first Tuesday of month; Thomas Lawlor.
Crumlin, first Monday; Joseph English.
Cushendall, every third Wednesday; Archbd. Jamieson.
Dervock, first Tuesday; Robert W. Garner.
Glenarm, first Monday; James M'Mullin.
Killagan, Ballymoney, third Wed.; Samuel B. Boyd.
Larne, second Tuesday; Francis Wiles.
Lisburn, every alternate Tuesday; John B. Kennedy.
Parkgate, Antrim, third Monday; Andrew Peden.
Portglenone, third Thursday; Robert Duncan.
Randalstown, third Tuesday; Edmund Robinson.
Rasharkin, Kilrea, first Wednesday; Samuel B. Boyd.
Toomebridge, second Tuesday; A. H. Sheil.
Whitehouse, Belfast, third Wednesday; J. Johnston.


The Board of Superintendence meets on the first Friday in every month.

Inspector, Rev. R. Oulton.
Governor, John Forbes, esq.
Chaplain, Rev. Charles Allen.
Roman Catholic Chaplain, Rev. George Conway.
Presbyterian Chaplain, Rev. George Shaw.
Physician, Thomas H. Purdon, M.D.
Apothecary, James Moore, M.D.


Antrim, John M'Lorinan.
Ballymena, William Watson.
Ballymoney, Matthew Henderson.
County Courthouse-keeper, Alexander Rule.


Established in 1829, for the counties of Antrim and Down, and the county of the town of Carrickfergus. The Board meets on the first Monday in every month.

Physician-Superintendent, Robert Stewart, esq., M.D.
Visiting Physician, Henry M'Cormac, esq., M.D.
Surgeon-Apothecary, James Moore, M.D.


Surgeon, William Thompson, M.D.
Resident Pupil, Henry Manley.
Treasurer, J. N. Richardson, esq.

Poor Law Unions.


(Co. Antrim), 19 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Thursdays.

Chairman, George J. Clarke, esq., J.P., Steeple, Antrim
Vice-Chairman, Thomas Montgomery, esq., J. P., Birchhill, Antrim.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, Capt. G. T. Brooke, J.P., Boulderstone House, Templepatrick.
Treasurer, Ulster Banking Co., Antrim.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Henry C. Scott.
Master and Matron, William Steen and Anna Stavely.
Established Church, Rev. W. Greene.
Roman Catholic, Rev. Henry O'Loughlin.
Presbyterian, Rev. John H. Orr.
Medical Officer, Thomas S. M'Combe.
Relieving Officers, Henry Campbell, Ballyrobin, Antrim; James M'Quitty, Randalstown.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Antrim, Andrew Spearing, M D.
Connor, Alexander Hay, M.D.
Crumlin, George A. Hume, M.D.
Doagh, William Alexander Clugston, M.D.
Randalstown, James M'Kee, M.D.
Templepatrick, J. Graham, M.D.


(Co. Antrim), 15 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Mondays.

Chairman, Adam Cuppage, esq., Glenbank, Ballycastle.
Vice-Chairman, John Stewart Moore, esq., Moyarget Lodge, Ballycastle.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, John Casement, esq., Churchfield, Ballycastle.
Treasurer, Ulster Banking Co., Ballymoney.
Clerk and Returning Officer, William Reynolds.
Master and Matron, James Blair and Eliza Mawhinny.
Established Church, Rev. W. H. Biedermann.
Roman Catholic, Rev. James M'Glennon. Presbyterian, Rev. Samuel Lyle.
Medical Officer, George M. O'Connor, M.B.
Relieving Officer, Timothy Kelly, Ballycastle.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Ballycastle, George Matthew O'Connor, M.B.
Croagh, John Dunlop, M.B.
Cushendall, Pierre Ponsonby Stone, M.D.


(Co. Antrim), 23 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Thursdays.

Chairman, Thomas Hamilton Jones, esq., J.P., Moneyglass House, Toome-bridge.
Vice-Chairman, John Raphael, esq., Galgorm, Ballymena.
Dep. Vice-Chairman, John Watson, esq., Ballymena.
Treasurer, Belfast Banking Co., Ballymena.
Clerk and Returning Officer, F. A. Mathews.
Master and Matron, Robt. French and Mary Anne French.
Established Church, Rev. Edw. Maguire, A.M.
Roman Catholic, Rev. John Lynch, P.P.
Presbyterian, Rev. William Campbell.
Medical Officer, Abraham Kidd, M.D., M.R.C.S.I., L.C.P.I.
Relieving Officers, John Raphael, sen., Galgorm Parks, Ballymena; Joseph M'Cosh, Ballycroughan, Broughshane, Ballymena; John Wilson, Tannybrake, Kells, Antrim; Geo. Cooke, Grange, Toome.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Ahoghill, William Millar, C.M.G.
Ballymena, Arthur Ross, M.D.
Broughshane, Edward Patman, C.M.G.
Clough, James Jeffares, M.D.
Galgorm, Thomas Courtenay, M.D.
Glenwhirry, Patrick R. Hay, M D.
Portglenone, John Dysart, jun., M.D.
Toome, Charles Atkinson, surgeon.


(Cos. Antrim and Londonderry), 22 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Mondays.

Chairman, James S. Moore, esq. J.P., Ballydivitty, Dervock.
Vice-Chairman, C. O'Hara, esq., O'Hara Brook, Ballymoney.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, David Reid. esq., Ballymoney.
Treasurer, Belfast Banking Co., Ballymoney.
Clerk and Returning Officer, H. M'C. Hamilton.
Master and Matron, Robert Bogle and Mrs. Bogle.
Established Church, Rev. J. R. Phillet.
Roman Catholic, Rev. John M'Erlane.
Presbyterian, Rev. R. Park.
Medical Officer, A. Thomson, M.D.
Relieving Officer, William Adams, Ballymoney.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Ballymoney, W. Leatham, M.D.
Castlequarter, Quintin Moore, M.D.G.
Divraw, John Thomson, M.D.
Dervock, James Camack, L.F.P. & S.G.
Kilrea, Joseph Clarke, M.D.ED.


(Cos. Antrim and Down), 12 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Tuesdays.

Chairman, William M'Gee, esq., M.D., College-square, north, Belfast.
Vice-Chairman, David Taylor, esq., Windsor.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, Robert Greer, esq., Ormeau-road.
Treasurer, Belfast Banking Company, Belfast.
Clerk and Returning Officer, William Boyce.
Master and Matron, David M'Elheran and Margt. Gauley.
Established Church, Rev. John Crossley.
Roman Catholic, Rev. James O'Laverty.
Presbyterian, Rev. Joseph Mackenzie.
Medical Officers, Jas. Seaton Reid, M.D., and C. Mulholland, M.D.
Resident Surgeon, Hugh P. Rea, M.D.
Relieving Officers, Echlin Gondon, Christopher-street, Belfast; Joseph Watt, Barrack-street, Belfast; Jeremiah Wilson, Ballymacarrett.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Ballygomartin, John Steele Dickson, M.D.
Ballymacarett, James Murray, M.D.
Belfast.--Christopher S. Black, M.D.; James W. T. Smith, M.D.; John H. Halliday, M.D.; Richard Ross, M.D.; Henry Johnston, M.R.C.S.E.; Thomas C. S. Corry, M D.; Frederick-street Dispensary, Edw. Ring, resident apothecary; Barrack-street Dispensary, Samuel Rea, surgeon, resident apothecary.
Carnmoney, John Dundee, M.D
Holywood, Archibald Dunlop M.D. Whitehouse, John M'Mechan, M.D.


(Co. Antrim), 13 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Wednesdays.

Chairman, The Earl of Antrim, Glenarm Castle, Glenarm.
Vice-Chairman, Jas. Agnew, esq., Carncastle Lodge, Larne.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, George B. Johnston, esq., Glynn, Lame.
Treasurer, Alexander Williams, esq., Larne.
Clerk and Returning Officer, J. M. M'Cormick.
Master and Matron, John Miller and Anne Suffern.
Established Church, Rev. Charles E. M'Kay.
Roman Catholic, Rev. Francis M'Kenna.
Presbyterian, Rev. H. W. Molyneaux.
Medical Officer, Charles Ferris, M.D.
Relieving Officers, Samuel J. Smiley, Larne; John Larmour, Carrickfergus.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Ballycarry, Alexander Smiley, M.D.
Ballynure, Crawford Blair.
Carrickfergus, William H. Patrick, M.D.
Glenarm, John Moore, M.D.
Larne, Charles Ferris, L.R.C.S.E.


(Cos. Antrim and Down), 27 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Tuesdays.

Chairman, Marquess of Downshire, Castle, Hillsborough.
Vice-Chairman, Fitzherbert Filgate, esq., .J.P., Hillsborough.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, Jonathan Richardson, esq., Glenmore, Lisburn
Treasurer, Northern Bank, Lisburn.
Clerk and Returning Officer, William Sinclair.
Master and Matron, George M'Kee and Eliza M'Kee.
Established Church, Rev. James Hall.
Roman Catholic, Rev. Edward Kelly.
Presbyterian, Rev. Wm. E. Breakey.
Medical Officer, John Campbell, M.D.
Relieving Officer, David Wilson, Castle-street, Lisburn.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Annahilt, William Rutherford, C.M.G.
Ballylesson, Henry Thompson.
Dunmurry, Robert Clarke.
Glenavy, Dolway Bell.
Hillsborough, William Boyd.
Knocknadona, John J. Kelso, M.D.
Lisburn, Samuel Musgrave, L.R.C.S.ED.
Saintfield, Charles K. Breeze.


*  Have served the office of High Sheriff of the County.

 Are members of the Board of Superintendence of the County Prison.

 Are Governors of the District Lunatic Asylum.