Stone Circles

Aristotle says the Iberians, a warlike people, had the custom to set round the tomb of a deceased warrior a number of obelisks corresponding to the number of enemies he had killed. Examples are found as far off as Syria and Arabia similar to the megalithic structures of the British Isles. The stones vary in height from two to eleven feet. The diameter is commonly about 100 feet. The modern theory is that they were sepulchral monuments. It seems to the writer that they represented minor deities. In the Tripartite Life of St. Patrick it is stated:

“Patrick went over the water to Magh Slecth, where stood the chief idol of Erinn, Crom Cruach, and twelve other idols, ornamented with brass around him.”

The chief idol was an ordinary pillar stone situated in the extreme north-western part of the County Cavan. It is now standing outside the boundary of said county in County Fermanagh.

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