Sligo Borough Directory 1862

From Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

SLIGO, a maritime town and parliamentary borough in Carbury barony, Sligo county, and Connaught province, 131 miles N.W. from Dublin; lat., 54° 22' N.; long., 8° 22' W; comprising an area of 3,001 acres of which 417 are in the town, and 2,584 in the rural district; population of the former portion in 1841 12,272 and of the latter, 2,046; total, 14,318, inhabiting 2,349 houses. Population in 1861, 13,361, inhabiting 2,021 houses.

It is situate near the mouth of the Garogue, which is crossed by 2 bridges, and discharges itself into Sligo Bay. The public buildings are, 2 Protestant Churches, a Roman Catholic Chapel, 1 Friary, or Abbey Church, Presbyterian, Independent, and 2 Methodist Meeting-houses; the County Court House, Prison, Infirmary and Fever Hospital, the Union Workhouse, and a Lunatic Asylum. The manufactures are linen, muslin, flour meal and beer. There is a salmon fishery in the river, the property of Capt. James Martin. The number of salmon taken in 1845 was 2,240, weighing nearly 7 1/2 tons, valued at 10d. per lb.

The Corporation, styled "The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses, of the Borough of Sligo," consists of 6 Aldermen and 18 Councillors elected from the 3 wards, Northern, Eastern, and Western. The income of the Borough for 1851 amounted to £282, which was applied chiefly in salaries and pensions to municipal officers, the markets, public works, and repairs, &c. The Borough returns 1 member to Parliament; constituency in 1859, 361. The Fairs are on 27th March, 7th May, 4th July, 11th August, and 9th October; Markets on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The Assizes for the county, also Quarter and Petty Sessions, are held in the town.

The port is under the control of Town and Harbour Commissioners, elected for life, under local Act, 43 Geo. III., cap. 60, and 9 & 10 Vic., cap. 77. It will admit vessels of 13 feet draught of water to moor at the quays, which have recently been considerably extended and improved by the Board. That called the Ballast bank quay is 2,248 feet long, and cost £2,704. Vessels of large draught have to anchor in the pool, which is safe and secure, but inconvenient for discharging or taking in cargoes. It has a harbour and ballast master, and 19 pilots. The income of the port in 1847 amounted to £2,800, arising from harbour dues and ballast, which is applied to building and repairing the quays, &c. Four newspapers are published in the town, the Sligo Champion, the Sligo Chronicle, the Sligo Independent, and the Sligo Journal.

Member of Parliament for the Borough.
FRANCIS MACDONOGH, esq., Q.C., 41, Rutland square, west, Dublin.

Borough Magistrates.
Conry, Maurice.
Dobbin, Abraham.
Gallagher, Michael.
Kidd, James.
Lyons, Henry.
M'Carthy, John.
Monds, Moses.
Walker, Andrew.
Williams, Thomas H.
Wood, Dr. Richard H.
Woods, William Abbott.

Mayor, Thomas H. Williams, esq., J.P.

Henry Lyons, John M'Gowan, Abm. Dobbin, Daniel Magill, George Leech, and Charles Sedley.

Gorman, Henry.
Hudson, Thomas.
Stokes, Robert.
Harper, James.
Tighe, James.
Hunt, Michael.
Philips, Martin W.
Connolly, William.
Gillmor, Alexander.
Phibbs, Harloe T.
M'Carthy, John.
Williams, Thomas H.
Woods, William A.
Hunter, Robert.
M'Carrick, Patrick.
Little, Thomas.
Lyons, John. Green, Andrew.
Treasurer, Edward Chism, esq.
Town Clerk, George Whittaker, esq.
Assessors for the Borough, Moses Monds, esq., J.P., Hugh Cordon, esq.
Solicitor, Michael Gethin, esq.
Water Bailiff, Mr. Patrick M'Clean.
Coroner, Richard H. Wood, esq., M.D.
Staff Officer of Pensioners, Captain Robert Law, 31st Foot.
Barrack-master, W. Porterfield, esq.
Clerk of Petty Sessions, Mr. Jackson Thorence.

Secretary to Commissioners and Collector of Port Dues, Moses Monds, esq.
Treasurer, Provincial Bank.
Harbour and Ballast Master, Thomas Barrett.
Solicitor, Charles Sedley, esq.

Collector, Landing Surveyor, Jerquer, Shipping Master, and Receiver of Wreck, John Ralph, esq.
First Clerk, H. Gerald O'Beirne, esq.
Second Clerk and Examining Officer, Mr. Michael Breen.
Acting Locker, Gregory Brennan.
Principal Coast Officer at Ballyshannon, William Allingham, esq.
Principal Coast Officer at Donegal, and Deputy Receiver of Wreck, Mr William Gray.
Warehouse Keeper, William C. Tute, esq.

Distributer of Stamps, William C. Tute, esq.

Collector, George Chapple, esq.
Clerks, J. Pincher and James Mussen.
Supervisor, Francis Dorman.
Officers, Thomas Flannery, John Hughes.

Branches of the Bank of Ireland, Provincial and Ulster Banks.

Postmaster, Thomas Hudson.
Agent for Lloyds, William C. Tute, esq.
Agent for Ditto at Killybegs, Andrew Cassidy.

The Board of Guardians meets on Tuesday.—For List of Officers, &c , see Sligo County.