O'Clery family genealogy

Arms: Or, three nettle leaves vert.

FEARGALL, brother of Artgall who is No. 96 on the "O'Shaughnessy" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Cleirigh, and MacCleirigh; anglicised O'Clery, Cleary, Clark, Clarke, and Clarkson.

96. Fergall: son of Guaire Aidhneach [aidhne].

97. Toirbheartach: his son.

98. Cathmogh: his son.

99. Cumascach: his son.

100. Ceadach: his son.

101. Cleireach ("cleireach:" Irish, a clerk; Lat. "cleric-us"): his son; a quo O'Cleirigh.

102. Maolfabhal: his son; died A.D. 887.

103. Maolceardachd (called Flann): his son.

104. Comhailltan ("comhaill:" Irish, to perform a duty): his son; a quo O'Comhailltain, anglicised Coulton; died A.D. 976.

105. Giollaceallach: his son; a quo Gilkelly, and Kilkelly.

106. Congalach O'Clery: his son; first assumed this sirname; died 1025.

107. Braoin: his son; had a brother named Aidhne, who was the ancestor of Hynes; and another brother Giolla na Naomh, who was the ancestor of Kilkelly; d. 1033.

108. Eoghan (or Owen): his son.

109. Donall: his son.

110. Giollananaomh: his son.

111. Tighearnach: his son.

112. Muireadach: his son.

113. Teige: his son.

114. Giollaiosa: his son.

115. Donall (2): his son.

116. Shane Sgiamhach (or John the Elegant): his son. This John had three brothers—1. Donall, 2. Thomas, 3. Cormac: from Shane Sgiamhach are descended the O'Clerys of Tirconnell; from Donall, the O'Clerys of Tyrawley, in Mayo; from Thomas, the O'Clerys of Brefney-O'Rielly; and from Cormack, the O'Clerys of the county Kilkenny.

117. Dermod: eldest son of Shane Sgiamhach [skeevagh].

118. Cormac: his son; the first of the family who settled in Tirconnell.

119. Giollabrighid: his son.

120. Giolla Riabhach: his son.

121. Dermod na-Ttri-sgol (or "Dermod of the Three Schoals," namely, one school for Reading, another for History and Genealogy, and another for Poetry): his son.

122. Teige Cam: his son.

123. Dermod (3): his son.

124. Cucoigcrioch [cucocry]: his son.

125. Maccon: his son.

126. Lughach O'Clery:[1] his son; had four brothers—1. Giollabrighid, 2. Maccon Meirgeach ("meirge:" Irish, an ensign; meaning "Maccon, the standard bearer"), 3. Cucoigcrioch or Peregrine, and 4. Dubhceann.


[1] O'Clery: The princely residence of the O'Clerys was the Castle of Kilbarron, within a short distance of Ballyshannon, in the county Donegal. In describing that Castle, the late Dr. Petrie says: "This lonely insulated fortress was erected as . . a safe and quite retreat in troubled times for the laborious investigators and preservers of the history, poetry, and antiquities of their country. This castle was the residence of the Ollamhs, bards, and antiquarians of the people of Tirconnell, the illustrious family of the O'Clerys."

The following stanza is from Kilbarron's Last Bard to his Harp:

Wake, let the despot's knell

Peal from thy wires,

Hope hath a tale to tell,

Harp of my sires;

Tyranny's rayless night,

Erin's degrading blight

Sinks, that thy strains may light

Liberty's fires.