Ring family genealogy

Arms: Ar. on a bend gu. three crescents of the first. Crest: A hand vested sa. cuffed or., holding a roll of paper.

DAIRE CEARB, a brother of Lughaidh who is No. 88 on the "Line of Heber," was the ancestor of O'mBillrin; anglicised Ring.

88. Daire Cearb: son of Olioll Flann-Beag.

89. Fiacha Fidgente: his son.

90. Brian: his son.

91. Cairbre: his son.

92. Erc: his son.

93. Aill Ceannfhoda: his son.

94. Lapadh: his son.

95. Aongus: his son.

96. Aodh: his son.

97. Crunnmaol: his son.

98. Eoganan: his son.

99. Aodh Ron: his son.

100. Dubhdhabh: his son.

101. Ceannfaoladh: his son.

102. Dall ("dall": Irish, blind): his son; a quo O'Dhaill Gabhra, anglicised O'Dally, O'Dell, Odell, and Dale.

103. Fursach: his son.

104. Duneadach: his son.

105. Aongus: his son.

106. Dubarthach: his son.

107. Billrian ("bill": Irish, small, "rian," a footstep): his son; a quo O'mBillrin.

108. Ecthighearn: his son.

109. Suthan ("suth": Irish, soot, the weather, "an," one who): his son; a quo O'Suthain, anglicised Sutton.

110. Maolruanadh O'mBillrin: his son.