O'Driscoll family genealogy

Arms: Ar. a ship or ancient galley, sails furled sa. Crest: A cormorant ppr.

ÆNEAS, brother of Fothach Canaan who is No. 60 on the "Barry" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'h-Edersceoil; anglicised O'Driscoll.

60. Æneas: son of Lugach (Lughaidh or Luy) Maccon, the 113th Monarch of Ireland.

61. Nathi: his son; whose brother Fergus was the ancestor of Coffey.

62. Edersceal: his son; had nine sons; his brother Coleman had three sons.

63. Brandubh: his son; had eight sons.

64. Flannan: his son; had a brother named Forannan, who was father of St. Colum (27th February), St. Eltin (11th December), and St. Mochumna (7th June).

65. Columna: his son.

66.Comdhan: his son.

67. Flannan (2): his son.

68. Folachta: his son.

69. Æneas: his son

70. Dungus: his son; had a brother named Main.

71. Murghul: his son

72. Dungal: his son.

73. Nuadad: his son.

74. Fionn: his son.

75. Edersceal ("edearbh:" Irish, false, and "sceal," a story): his son; a quo O'Edersceoil.

76. Fothach: his son.

77. Maccon: his son.

78. Fionn: his son.

79. Fothach (2): his son.

80. Donoch Mór; his son.; had a brother named Aodh (or Hugh), who was the ancestor of O'Driscoll Bearra.

81. Amhailgadh an Gasgoine ("gas:" Irish, a stalk; "goin," a stroke): his son; a quo O'Gasgoine, anglicised Gasgoine, and Gascoine. This Amhailgadh had a younger brother named Maccraith, whose son Donoch was the father of Maccon, father of Ainach, father of Fingin, father of Conor, father of Conor Oge, father of Sir Fingin O'Drsicoll Mór, who was alive A.D. 1460, and who founded the Franciscan Abbey of Innisherkin Island.

82. Morogh: son of Amhailgadh.

83. Donoch Oge: his son.

84. Dermod: his son.

85. Murtogh: his son.

86. Fingin: his son.

87. Maccon: his son.

88. Murtogh (2): his son.

89. Donal: his son.

90. Sir Fingin O'Driscoll: his son.