O'Brien (No.6) family genealogy

Of Ara in the County of Tipperary

BRIAN RUADH [roe], second son of Connor-na-Siuddine, who is No. 112 on the "O'Brien" (Kings of Thomond) pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch of that family.

113. Brian Ruadh, who was murdered at the Castle of Bunratty, by Thomas le Clare, had:

I. Donogh, who was drowned in the Fergus, leaving five sons: 1. Dermod, 2. Mahon, 3. Teige, 4. Connor-na-Feasoige, 5. Murtogh Gharbh.

II. Donal, of whom presently.

III. Murtogh.

IV. Teige Roe.

V. Brian.

VI. Turlogh.

114. Donal: second son of Brian Ruadh; married Margaret, dau. of Turlogh Dubh MacMahon, of Clondarala, and had:

I. Bryan, of whom presently.

II. Donogh.

III. Donal.

115. Brian: the son of Donal; settled in Ara, in the county of Tipperary, and m. the dau. of Henry de Burgo, by whom he had:

116. Murrough-ra-Ranaighe, who m. Mór, dau. of O'Kennedy, of Ormond, and had:

117. Turlough, who m. Honoria, dau. of De Barry Oge, of Buttevant, and had:

118. Teige, who had:

119. Donal Mór, who had:

120. Murtogh Caoch, who had:

121. Turlogh, who m. Mór, dau. of Donogh (FitzJohn) O'Carroll, and had five sons and one dau.:

I. Murtogh, of whom presently.

II. Donogh, who died in his father's lifetime.

III. Turlogh Carrach, the proprietor of the Castles of Bealanath and Cnockan-an-Enfin.

IV. Teige-na-Buile, who possessed the Castle of Kilcolman.

V. Murrough-an-Tuath, of the Castle of Aos-Greine.

I. Winifred, who m. Connor, the third Earl of Thomond.

122. Murtogh: eldest son of Turlogh; possessed the Castles of Monroe, Pallas, Cahirconnor, and Castletown. This Chieftain conformed to the Protestant Religion, entered into Holy Orders, and was appointed to the See of Killaloe. He d. in 1613, leaving two sons and four daughters:

I. Sir Turlogh, of whom presently.

II. John, who d. s. p.

I. Slaine, m. to Teige (FitzMurrough) O'Brien, Baron of Inchiquin.

II. Honoria.

III. Mór.

IV. Margaret.

123. Sir Turlogh: the son of Murtogh; m. a sister of Donal O'Brien, of Annagh, and d. s. p. in 1626.