Irish Monarchs of the Race of Ithe

1. Eochaidh Edghothach, son of Datre, son of Conghal, son of Eadamhuin, son of Mal, son of Lughaidh [Lewy, Lewis, "or Louis], son of Ithe, son of Breoghan, King of Spain and Portugal, who (see page 50) is No. 34 on "The Stem of the Irish Nation." This Eochaidh was the 14th Milesian Monarch, reigned 11 years; was, B.C. 1532, slain by Cearmna, of the "Line of Ir," who succeeded him.

2. Eochaidh Apach, son of Fionn, son of Oilioll, son of Floinruadh, son of Roithlain, son of Martineadh, son of Sitchin, son of Riaglan, son of Eochaidh Breac, son of Lughaidh, son of Ithe, called Apach ("plague" or "infection") on account of the great mortality during his reign (of one year) among the inhabitants of Ireland. He was killed by Fionn of the "Line of Ir," B.C. 951. This Eochaidh was the 41st Monarch.

3. Lughaidh MacCon, son of MacNiadh, son of Lughaidh, son of Daire, son of Ferulnigh, son of Each-Bolg, son of Daire, son of Sithbolg, son of Ferulnigh, etc.

This Lughaidh was called MacCon from the greyhound, Ealoir Dearg, with which he played when a delicate child; his mother was Sadhbh, dau. of Conn of the Hundred Battles; he was killed, A.D. 225, by Comain Eigis, at Gort-an-Oir, near Dearg Rath, in Leinster.

4. Fothadh Airgtheach and...

5. Fothadh Cairpeach...sons of Lughaidh MacCon; were both slain during the first year of their joint reign: Fothadh Cairpeach was slain by his brother Fothadh Airgtheach; soon after this the murderer was slain by the Irish Militia in the battle of Ollarbha, A.D. 285, when the House of Heremon, in the person of Fiacha Srabhteine (ancestor of The O'Neill, of Tyrone), resumed its place on the Irish Throne. These brothers were the 118th and 119th Monarchs of Ireland, and the last of the "Line of Ithe" who reigned.