Lyons family genealogy

Arms: Ar. a chev. sa. betw. three lions dormant cowarded gu. [1]

MAIN MUN-CHAIN, a brother of Lughaidh who is No. 88 on the "Line of Heber," ante, was the ancestor of O'Liathain; anglicised Lyons, Lehan, Lehane, and Lyne.

88. Main Mun-chain: son of Olioll Flann-beag.

89. Cirb: his son.

90. Daire (or Main) Cearb: his son.

91. Eachdhach Liathan ("liathan:" Irish, one who is greyhaired): his son; a quo O'Liathain.

92. Macbroc : his son.

93. Maccaille: his son.

94. Caillean Dubh: his son.

95. Feareadhach Dhorn-mór: his son.

96. Feargus Tuile: his son.

97. Ronan Diocholla: his son.

98. Dunchadh: his son.

99. Anmchadh: his son.


[1] Lyons: The late Doctor Robert Spencer Dyer Lyons, Physician, of Merrion Square, Dublin, was of this family. His father, Sir William Lyons, was a merchant of the City of Cork, where Dr. Lyons was born on the 13th of August, 1826; and was twice Mayor and High Sheriff of that city. His mother was Harriet, daughter of Spencer Dyer, of Garus, Kinsale. In 1859, Dr. Lyons investigated the causes of the unsanitary state of Lisbon (in which at the time yellow fever raged), and submitted to King Pedro V. suggestions for their removal, which were approved of. Upon that occasion Dr. Lyons received the cross and insignia of the Ancient Portuguese Order of Christ. He served in Parliament as member for Dublin from 1880 to 1885. Dr. Lyons married, in 1856, Maria, daughter of the late Right Honourable David Richard Pigot, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland; he died in 1886.