Keely family genealogy

CONN, brother of Cairbre Eadhbha who is No. 91 on the "O'Donovan" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Caoile and MacCaoile; anglicised Keely, Keily, Kiely, and Cayley.

91. Conn: son of Brian.

92. Caoile ("caoile: Irish, leanness): his son; a quo O'Caoile and MacCaoile, chiefs of Hy MacCaoile, now the barony of "Imokilly," county Cork.

93. Brian: his son; had a brother named Donn, who was the ancestor of Cullen, of Muster

94. Conn (2): son of Brian.

95. Donall: his son.

96. Direach ("direach:" Irish, straight: Heb. "derech," a way): his son; a quo O'Dirighe, anglicised Derry and Deering.

97. Donn O'Caoile: his son; first assumed this sirname.

98. Maccon: his son.

99. Cairbre: his son.

100. Flann: his son.

101. Cumhal: his son.

102. Mathun: his son.

103. Dermod na Glaice: his son.

104. Donagh Nimhneach ("nimhneach:" Irish, peevish): his son; a quo O'Nimhnighe, anglicised Neeny.

105. Mathun Gharbh: his son.

106. Muirceartagh: his son.

107. Maolseaghlainn: his son.

108. Donogh O'Keely: his son.