Coghlan family genealogy

Lords of Devlin

Arms: Gu. two lions pass, counter pass. ar. Crest: A fret or.

DEALBHA [1] (or Dealbhaoth), a brother of Blad who is No. 92 on the "O'Brien" (of Thomond) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacCoghlain; anglicised Coghlan, Coghlen, and MacCoghlan.[2]

92. Dealbha: the ninth son of Cas.

93. Aedhan: his son; had a brother named Gnobog, who was the ancestor of O'Curry.

94. Bilé (or Beg): his son.

95. Anbhile: his son.

96. Sioda: his son.

97. Trean: his son.

98. Treachar: his son.

99. Dathal (or Dathin): his son.

100. Lorcan: his son.

101. Cochlan ("cochal": Irish, a cowl or hood): his son; a quo MacCochlain.

102. Maol-Michil: his son.

103. Cochlan (2): his son.

104. Fionn: his son.

105. Fuathmaran: his son.

106. Fogartach: his son.

107. Anbheith: his son.

108. Gormogan: his son.

109. Laithgheal: his son.

110. Cochlan MacCoghlan: his son; the first who assumed this sirname.

111. Murtach: his son.

112. Longseach: his son.

113. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

114. Conchobhar (or Connor) mór: his son.

115. Conor oge: his son.

116. Amhailgadh [Awly]: his son.

117. Melachlin: his son.

118. Donal: his son.

119. Conor (3): his son.

120. Shane (or John): his son.

121. Melachlin (2): his son.

122. Felim: his son.

123. Melachlin (3): his son.

124. Cormac: his son.

125. Art: his son.

126. John (2): his son.

127. John oge MacCoghlan: his son.

128. Torlogh: his son; the last lord of Delvin; living in 1620.


[1] Dealbha: From this Dealbha the territories of the "seven Dealbhnas" (part of the King's County) are so called; and now go by the name of Delvin: whereof his posterity were Lords, until dispossessed, during the Commonwealth, by Oliver Cromwell.

[2] See the "MacCoghlan" pedigree.