Derry and Enniskillen in the Year 1689

The Story of Some Famous Battle-Fields in Ulster


Thomas Witherow, D.D.




List of Authors and Editions


  1. How Matters Stood in 1688
  2. The Shutting of the Gates
  3. The Investment
  4. The Siege:—
    1. First Sally
    2. Surrender of Culmore
    3. Skirmish at Pennyburn
    4. Battle at the Windmill
    5. Murray's Father
    6. Fight at Creggan
    7. Council of Fourteen
    8. Second Battle at the Windmill
    9. The Bombs
    10. Arrival of the English Ships
    11. The Boom
    12. The Boat-Fight
    13. General Rosen
    14. Governor Mitchelburn
    15. Attempt at Communication
    16. Lord Clancarty
    17. Rosen's Stratagem
    18. Hamilton's Proposals
    19. The Jacobite Camp
    20. Hardships of the Garrison
    21. Talk of Surrender
    22. Hopes from Inch
    23. The Council in the Irish Camp
    24. The Last Fight
  5. The Relief
  6. The Defence of Enniskillen:—
    1. They Show Fight
    2. Governor Hamilton
    3. Interview with Mountjoy
    4. Preparations
    5. Sir Gerard Irvine
    6. William and Mary Proclaimed
    7. Letter from Lundy
    8. Cavan in Retreat
    9. Siege of Crom
    10. Galmoy's Perfidy
    11. Lundy's Aid and Counsel
    12. Trillic and Augher
    13. Break of Belleek
    14. The Fort at Enniskillen
    15. Raid into Cavan and Meath
    16. Visit to Omagh
    17. Failure to Relieve Derry
    18. Battle of Belturbet
    19. News from the Fleet
    20. Duke of Berwick
    21. Visit to Kirke
    22. Lisnaskea
    23. Newtownbutler
    24. Conclusion
  7. Thanksgiving and Congratulations
  8. Governor Walker
  9. The Reward
  10. Reflections


  1. The Letter to the Society at London, sent from Derry by Mr. Cairns
  2. The Declaration
  3. Lord Mountjoy's Articles, with the City of Derry, 21st December, 1688
  4. By the Lord-Deputy and Council—A Proclamation
  5. The King's Letter to Ireland, by Capt. Leighton
  6. Mr. Hamilton's Instructions
  7. Instructions to Mr. David Cairns
  8. Orders to John Cunningham and Col. Solomon Richards
  9. Proposals of Articles to be made to the Right Honourable Lieutenant-General Hamilton
  10. The Commission
  11. Daniel Eccles, of Clones, to Enniskillen
  12. Dane to MacCarmick
  13. Letter from Belfast to Lord Blayney
  14. Commission from Enniskillen to Hamilton and Cathcart
  15. Appointment of Council for North-East
  16. Appointment of Commander-in-Chief
  17. The Oath of the Private Soldiers at Enniskillen
  18. Derry Address to King William
  19. Address from Enniskillen
  20. Derry to King William

Derry and Enniskillen in the Year 1689

Thomas Witherow's thoroughly researched and well-annotated work is a classic account of the Siege of Derry, from the shutting of the gates against the Jacobite forces by the thirteen apprentice boys to the relief of the city by Major-General Kirke's fleet in July 1689. The defence of Enniskillen and the counteroffensive actions of the Enniskilleners is also ably documented.

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Fighters of Derry

William R. Young’s Fighters of Derry has for decades been one of the most overlooked works on the Siege of Derry and as a local genealogical resource. First published in 1932, the book was the product of ten years’ research into identifying participants at the siege which the author undertook when suffering from ill-health in the latter part of his life.

The book is essentially divided into two parts: the first contains 1660 biographical entries relating to the defenders of Derry, tracing, where possible, the family lineage; and the second part includes 352 entries on the Jacobite side. Apart from individual accounts of eminent protagonists in the siege, such as David Cairnes, Rev. George Walker, the Duke of Schomberg, Patrick Sarsfield, etc., there is also background given to many of the most influential families involved in the conflict.

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The Actions of the Enniskillen-men

While the epic siege of Derry is usually accorded its proper place in history, the contemporaneous exploits of the Enniskillen men are often overlooked. This is manifestly unjust because the Enniskilleners demonstrated bravery and heroism in battle at least equal to that of the defenders of Londonderry. Some, of course, rate the actions of the Enniskillen men more highly. As far as Revd Andrew Hamilton, the Rector of Kilskeery and author of A True Relation of the Actions of the Inniskilling Men (1690), was concerned ‘The Derry men saved a city but the Enniskilleners saved a kingdom.’

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