Valedictory - Story of Ireland

A. M. Sullivan
c. 1900

DEAR YOUNG FELLOW-COUNTRYMEN: The story of our country, which I have endeavored to narrate for your instruction and entertainment, terminates here--for the present. Time as it rolls onward will always be adding to its chapters. Let us hope it may be adding to its glories.

The lesson which "The Story of Ireland" teaches is, Hope, Faith, Confidence in God. Tracing the struggles of the Irish people, one finds himself overpowered by the conviction that an all-wise Providence has sustained and preserved them as a nation for a great purpose, for a glorious destiny.

My task is done; and now I bid farewell to my young friends who have followed my storytelling so far. I trust I have not failed in the purpose, and shall not be disappointed in the hopes which impelled me to this labor of love.


Portrait of Rev. Theobald Mathew